1. Please read carefully the Terms and Conditions before you make an order.
  2. For safety reason, we only use DHL Express, UPS for shipping.
  3. Every missing or untrackable shipment should be followed up directly to the courier companies it self, not our responsibility.
  4. Some of the countries applying some Duty & Tax after the clearance process, Duty & Tax applied is your fully responsibilities and needed to be paid by the time they suggests. If we found that buyer could not pay during the limited time, Destination country will return it to Origin, but Indonesian Government did not sent the plant back to us but will destroy it.
  5. Seller are responsible for providing the phytosanitary certificate and invoice (optional).
  6. According to the regulations from Indonesia, exporting requires an export permit and it is required for phytosanitary certificate to be made, so please wait for the process to finish.
  7. If there are no instructions given to us, then we will use the standard regulations and the customers will not be able to complain if there’s any problems occur.
  8. It is not our responsible if the plant could not be arrive in time because of import process delayed or declined. Please be aware of laws and regulations of your country regarding importation of plant materials as we will not be responsible for any items confiscated at your customs. If the plants got any damages occur from the customs in your country, it is beyond our responsibility and please note that plant cost couldn’t refundable in this case.
  9. Damages from shipping is expected when importing live plants, if any of the risk concerns you, please consider cancel or not ordering at all.
  10. We could not receive any exchange of plant requests and we accept cancellations within 2 hours of purchase.
  11. If the plant arrives dead then we refund 30% of the price or resend a replacement plant if you can prove that the plant arrived dead by recording and taking photos of your unboxing time. Due to different state regulations, some states DO clean or sterilize plants using chemicals or perform heating procedures. We are NOT responsible for any sanitation or sterilization procedures in your country that cause plants to die. Check your state’s regulations before buying a plant.
  12. By submitting the order, it means that customer agrees to our shop’s TERMS & CONDITIONS and fully understands the risk on international live plant’s shipment which refer to our shop’s Incoterms.