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Rare Plants in Indonesia That Are Beautiful and Famous

Rare Plants in Indonesia

Many rare plants in Indonesia are popular among plant lovers. Some of these plants are on the verge of extinction, some are decorative plants that you can plant at home. If you are interested in having these tropical plants, there are some recommendations. 

1. Javanese Edelweiss

Javanese Edelweiss

Edelweiss is a famous flowery plant that grows high in the cold mountains of the Swiss Alps. In Asia, there is the Javanese Edelweiss which is equally beautiful and famous. The endemic flower thrives in the Montana zone with altitudes of 800 to 3400 above sea level. This is a rare plant because it can only grow in a certain place.

The plant is durable and long-lasting. You can pick them from the mountains and the flower will remain intact to its steam even with no roots. That is why the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) lists his plant as a plant under threatening conditions. 

Features: This plant falls into the shrub family with bushy white fur. It contains many branches with grayish twigs. The flowers attract insects with their small humps. The flower does have a distinct smell. 

Where They Grow: There are many places where you can find these plants. Among them include Mount Merbabu, Mount Rinjani, Mount Semeru, and Mount Papandayan.

2. Black Orchid

Black Orchid
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There are many rare Orchids in Indonesia. The Black Orchid has a unique dark feature that you can spot on tall trees. They are difficult to grow and finding them in their natural habitat is also a challenge. The Coelogyne Pandurata is famous worldwide and sought by plant lovers, particularly orchid fans. Their price can skyrocket to millions according to their size. 

Feature: Green henceforth with black labellum. You can spot its green and hairy lines. They are quite fragrant and mostly bloom in June. 

Where they grow: on rocks or trees in Papua and Kalimantan. They can be difficult to spot because they grow in the crowded rainforest. 

3. Rafflesia Arnoldi

Rafflesia Arnoldi

The famous plant has a unique feature and is known Internationally. It is not only rare but also one of the biggest flowers in the world. The name is from the person that found the plant, Joseph Arnold, and the expedition leader Stamford Rafflesia. 

The member of the Tetrastigma genus has a distinctly bad smell that attracts insects. The flower opens its flowers and eats them. 

Feature: it has a gigantic feature with 1 meter in diameter and weighs about 10 kg. It has a five-crown flower. The gigantic red plant has a layered carrion flower when it is widened. Rafflesia flowers only have the five crown flowers and nothing else, no stems, roots, or leaves. 

Where they grow: The plant grows in the southern part of Sumatra, especially Bengkulu. 

4. Monstera Adansonii

Monstera Adansonii

There are many varieties of Monsters that are known and popular in Indonesia. The unique leaves feature and its humongous size makes it unique and also hard to miss. The ornamental plant gained popularity due to its expensive value. Surprisingly, the tropical plant is quite challenging to grow, so it is quite a hit among plant lovers. 

The perforated leaves become its main attraction. People also called it by other names such as the Swiss Cheese and also the five-hole plant. The rare plant is on this list because the Aracea plant is quite hard to grow. However, the beautiful leaves make it desirable as an addition to any home. 

Feature: the large green leaves with many slits. You would assume the leaves are eaten by insects. 

Where They Grow: They spread throughout South America, and Central America, and can be found in Indonesia. 

5. Anthurium Hookeri 

The tropical plant is relatively rare and hard to find in nature. It is considered one of the most expensive decorative Athurium in Indonesia and quite difficult to grow. That is more reason to explain how rare the plant is. It may have some similarities to other Bathrooms, however, the most noticeable feature is the wavy leaves. 

The aroid plant can grow long, therefore, you need a large pot and a spacious area to let it grow. The epiphyte plant is a terrestrial Anthurium, meaning it can grow to other plants, usually high on a tree. 

Feature: Anthurium Hookeri or more often referred to as the ‘bird’s nest’ is a tropical evergreen tropical. It is famous for its lush leaves with shiny elongated oval features. People say the leaf resembles a huge spoon.

Those are some of the most beautiful rare plants in Indonesia. They are rare due to many reasons. Some grow in the most difficult places. Others are highly protected by the Indonesian government. However, there are some that you can purchase although their price can be incredibly expensive. You can visit and check out their rare plant collection. These beautiful plants can be a great addition to your home. With the right treatment, you can even multiply them. Get your rare plant only in Almostgreen. All plants are delivered in the best condition and following the right delivery regulation.

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