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Philodendron Joepii : Simple Guide to Follow 

Philodendron Joepii Guide and Care

Philodendron Joepii is hard to find both in its natural habitat and on the market. So, if you do come to a cross plant store that sells them, they can be quite a fortune. The member or rare Philodendron family is not something that the public chooses for their home. Yet, lovers or collectors of plants, especially fans of Philodendron love and adore them. 

Back Story 

Philodendron varieties are discovered all the time, sometimes in the most unusual places. The joepii was discovered by someone named Joep Moonen, so naturally, the evergreen plant got its name based on its discovery. 

At that time, he saw a plant with a strange leaf shape and assumed that it had been eaten by insects. It turns out to be the actual form of the plant itself. You may find various philodendrons and mistaken them for one another. Not this one, it stands out greatly by itself. 

Feature and Leaves Form 

The shape of the leaves of Philodendron Joepii is unique and gives a sick plant vibe rather than a healthy one. It has elongated leaves that go down to the ground. The Aroid plant’s flowers consist of spathe and spadix that come in white, green, or purple color depending on the environment where it grows. 

The member of the Araceae plant family has green glossy leaves with weird forms. It has a bite mark on its edges that gives the illusion that it has been eaten by animals. It has a large stem filled with nutrients. This is the typical feature of an aroid plant that grows in tropical places. 

How to Care 

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Your Philodendron Joepii can thrive in a warm place, something that mimics its natural environment. It thrives as an indoor plant and with minimum care, you can have them big and lavish in your home. 

1. Lighting

The houseplant likes medium to low light. You can place it indoors or by the terrace and make sure it has enough shade. 

2. Watering 

Like other Philondrendorn, the Joepii doesn’t need frequent watering. So, this is the perfect plant to have around at home for a beginner gardener. You only watered it about 1-2 times a week. The plant is lean for the dryer side. 

However, it is essential to keep the plant in a moist environment to encourage the roots and leaves to breathe fresh air. It dry-out quickly, but you can simply put the moisturizing element mainly in the watering process only. It also needs damp soil and more attention on how to maintain a well damp soil. 

3. Soil Requirement

The green and unique Joepii need a special planting medium to grow. The most advisable soil mixture is a combination of poor sand, moss, and roasted husks. Those elements tend to dry quickly. Moreover, you can add roots and gravel to the planting media. 

The soil mixture can help to maintain the perfect temperature and acidity of the soil. Your Joepii needs about a pH of 4.5-7.5 to grow nicely. You can spot this Philodendron variety among rotting plant debris. That is why, when recreating the environment for it, you need to add rotting properties to your soil mixture. It can also act as a natural fertilizer to give the plant the nutrients that it needs. 

Things to Remember

Your Joepii is unlike another philodendron. It may be easy to grow and doesn’t require frequent watering. However, there are several things that you need to remember to ensure this plant grows lavishly. Here are some keys not as a reminder. 

  • Jorpii is a resting place in winter so there is no need to add fertilizer during that time. 
  • In summer, you can cut down the fertilizer to half because the weather can cause mineral salts to accumulate and make the plant sick.
  • This house plant has leaves that grow away from its stem. That way, you need to place it in a spacious area. Moreover, putting it in a hanging basket is better to ensure it has more room to grow. 

Those are some of the important things that you need to know about Philodendron Joepii. By paying attention to its soil, you can adjust watering frequency, and make the environment more suitable for it. That way, your Joepii can grow into large and healthy leaves, even if they tend to grow downward.

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