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Philodendron Jerry Horne Care and Propagration

Philodendron Jerry Horne Care

The native Brazilian plant has unique elongated leaves and shorter wing-like loves. The Philodendron Jerry Horne feature, despite being easy to care for, needs a certain pot to allow all its features to grow. If you put it in a pot. The long leaves may need trimming from time to time. 

This plant also called Philodendron Ecuador Canoe is your typical houseplant that looks great on a tabletop pot but is also amazing as a centerpiece due to its rare climbing ability. With the proper poles or trailing, the natural Philodendron bipennifolium plant can grow up to 6 – 8 meters. 

Learn More About Philodendron Jerry Horne Care Guide

The green plant’s appearance has a resemblance to other tropical plants. Naturally, it has similar care guides and maintenance. It requires low to moderate care. You can put it inside the house, on the terrace, or outdoor but with some abundance of shades. Here are some care guides to have this Philodendron Jerry Horne plant contempt and please at home. 

1. Toxicity

This aroid plant is pleasant to the eyes but has some toxicity to pay attention to. Cats and dogs like to chew on plants, and this particular plant is toxic to them. It has sharp insoluble calcium oxalates on its sap, so it is also toxic for humans. 

It can cause severe oral irritation, swelling, and burning sensation if ingested. The best way to have this plant at home is to have it in a big pot, away from any pet animals. 

2. Growth Ability 

Philodendron Jerry Horne is a climbing hemiepiphyte plant. It has epiphyte and terrestrial growth phases. Therefore, you need a large space, if you wish to have this rainforest plant grow to its normal growth. It also has a fast growth rate and before you know it, it consumes most of your terrace floor. 

Therefore, to care for this tropical plant, you need a large area to let it grow. If you want to keep it nice and small, a frequent repot is another solution. You are looking at a yearly report and even 6 months apart from another repot phase. 

3. Climbing Situation

If a grower desires a large and long Philodendron then a trellis, totem, or moss pole needs to be placed in a certain area. You need to plant how far it can grow to make sure the whole area is adequate to sustain its growth. This kind of placement will allow the leaves to mature. You will have very long leaves that face the sunlight. 

Like other Philodendron plants, this Ecuadorian plant morphs as it grows from a baby to a mature one. Unless it has a place to climb, adult leaves probably will never appear. Nevertheless, the baby leaves are considered large for some people.

4. Humidity

Philodendron Jerry Horne requires a humid area with a warm temperature. You need the area to be around 65 to 85°F. The grower needs to pay attention to the soil. An airy, well-drained soil can allow the green houseplant to grow nicely. 

Moreover, if you add rich organic, and adequate water, it can grow with little maintenance. Always make sure to have a pot with holes on the bottom so the water is not overfilling. Indoor it can be kept away from direct sunlight. The tip of its leaves burns easily on a hot day. 

Avoid moving the plant with a sudden change of temperature. It can thrive indoors but not in cold weather. The plant needs mist on these leaves to provide the necessary humidity, particularly to the leaves. 

5. Lighting 

Bright to moderate indirect light is essential to the tropical plant. Early morning sunlight or east-facing windows is adequate for the climber plant. Avoid direct sun anytime after morning. The intensive sunlight is too much for the plant. 

6. Propagation

You can propagate a Philodendron Jerry Horne by cutting its steam in water or soil. Make sure to have the stem cut with a node (it is the knobby part where aerial roots and leaves attach). It is suitable for the propagation of your houseplant. 

Another option is air layering. The steps are quite simple. You wrap the plant with moist sphagnum moss on a node from the selected stem. Make sure it is still attached to the mother plant. Then, the sphagnum moss will be moist and aerated. You can cut and repot this plant after the node grows enough roots.

Those are everything that you need to know about Philodendron Jerry Horne. It has unique leaves and can grow big and tall. However, it is a low-maintenance house plant that is ideal to be put in your living room area. You can purchase a baby Philodendron Jerry Horne and let it grow in your home. has this tropical plant along with other green and large plants. Visit the site and choose any houseplant according to your preference. If you are looking for a simple maintenance plant to grow indoors, this is the right plant to have.

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