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Philodendron Fibraecataphyllum Care Guide Tips

Philodendron Fibraecataphyllum Care

Philodendron Fibraecataphyllum is one of the most common houseplants due to their easy nature to care for. They have the tendency to grow fast and look stunning as home decor. That is why this decorative plant is loved by many homeowners simply because they are great to have around. 

The Feature and Origin

The Central and South America origin green plant is a climber. The vining epiphytic can attach to aerial roots and climb up to any surface. They can go up on your walls or moss polishes. The herbaceous evergreen has green heart-shaped leaves with a doff texture.  

This plant can grow up to 300cm. In a pot, their leaves can spread about 100-120cm. You can give this variety of Philodendron a pole if you want to support their climbing feature. If you let them rest in a pot, they will spread their leaves. So, don’t place your Fibraecataphyllum too close to other plants because it can grow larger by spreading its leaves. 

The rare Philodendron has remarkable nervature, even if their leaves are more elongated. The Philodendron can climb trees and sprout a new growth point by the end of each node.

How to Grow Philodendron Fibraecataphyllum

The members of the Aroid family is a native tropical plant, therefore, Philodendron Fibraecataphyllum care is quite simple. Like most Philodendrons, they love a humid environment and dim light. Here is what you need to know about caring your Fibracataphyllum at home.

1. Light requirement

Bright indirect light is most suitable for this Philodendron. They can handle medium light in a short period of time. Direct bright sun in the morning that scorches among the leaves is bearable. However, if it is kept under heat too long, you can see it burn to its adges. 

Therefore, you can place this tropical plant by the window and it will thrive. However, this mean, your Fibraecataphyllum will grow slower with smaller new leaves. If they have dimmer light, they grow faster and grow bigger new leaves. Basically, leave’s size really depends on the lighting that the plant receives.

2. Watering

You don’t need to water them too often. An occasional misting is fine. You can even water them after the soil dries completely. Remember to avoid the soil wet for a long time, or else, their roots can be soggy. The watering rule is pretty much the same to all Philodendron, not too much and not too little. 

Dropping leaves can mean that your plant doesn’t have enough water or even gets too much of it. So, there are no fixed rules when it comes to watering. You just put your finger on the soil, to see if it’s damp or not. If it is too dry then add more water. If they are damp enough, leave it out to dry then you can go back and water it. 

3. Potting Mix

Philodendron Fibraecataphyllum care focus highly on their soil. It gives enough nutrients for them to grow nicely. If you want a proper mixture, try to add 30% Potting Soil + 25% organic manure + 25% cocopeat + 5% charcoal chips + 15% perlite. You give enough soil base and fertilizer on the pot and support the plant to grow faster and create larger leaves. 

4. After Care

You have purchased your Philodendron Fibraecataphyllum or people used to call it Philodendron S Peru. The next care that you do is crucial to its development. Here is what you need to pay attention to. 

  • When the plant arrives, take them out carefully and make sure all of its parts are intact. 
  • Avoid direct or bright light.
  • Acclimate the new plant to the environment and wait for 3 to 4 weeks before repotting.
  • Research care needs for this plant can make it easier to maintain it after the plant arrives.

All Philodendron Fibraecataphyllum care is quite easy. You should have no serious problem when dealing with this plant. Just keep in mind that the beautiful indoor plant can use a daily monitor if you want them to grow with nice leaves and in abundance. You can get your Philodendron Fibraecataphyllum from They will send your plant with the picture on how it looks before shipping. Therefore, you can make sure to purchase the right plant before the plant shop delivers it to your door steps. The plant is usually shipped with two to four leaves so they are strong enough to do the journey.

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