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How to Propagate Alocasia Plant Successfully 

Alocasia Plant

The Alocasia is probably the most popular houseplant that is both easy to care for and also to propagate. The most common varieties are the eye-catching Alocasia amazonica, Alocasia zebrina with zebra-like leaves and Alocasia ‘Stingray’ with a feature resembling the ocean animals. Most of them are unique thus making most Alocasia owners interested in multiplying them. 

The Alocasia Plant Propagate Guide Steps 

The case of ‘the more, the merrier’ fits this evergreen plant perfectly. If you want to propagate your Alocasia, there are some steps to follow. This tuberous plant can sprout from the center. Therefore you have a particular way to propagate them. Here are some of the easy steps for you to follow. 

What You Need to Pay Attention 

Alocasia plants cannot be propagated by cutting its stems like other houseplants in general. It needs a different type of multiplying that doesn’t involve using cut and paste systems. Here are some things that you need to pay attention to in order to grow and multiply this plant generously. 

1. No cutting

Making cuts only make this clamping plants to rot. You need to separate it upon its clamps. Therefore, your Alocasia can be successfully duplicated. 

2. Offset

Normal and healthy Alocasia plant can produce offsets itself. It grows from the roots and form tiny duplicate of Alocasia adult plant. You can remove and replant this plant in separate containers.

3. Time to Propagate

When your Alocasia is crowded, you can move it into a bigger container. The massive leaves grow abundantly easily therefore, you need to pay attention to its growth on a daily basis. This is a great time to divide the plant into several pots and let all grow individually. 

Alocasia Propagation Step by Step

You need to get all the tools in place to ensure quick propagation. Alocasia is best propagated faster so the root can be transmitted swiftfully. Here are some steps on how to propagate Alocasioa plants successfully and not let its parent plant died-out. 

1. Remove the plant

Grower needs to take out the original plant from the pot. There will be excessive roots and branches, especially if the pot is overcrowded. You can shake the excess soil off. If the soil is clumped, avoid disturbing the root. Instead, you can soak the plant in water for a minute or two. That way, the rest of the root can disassemble itself safely. 

2. Separate the Root

Maintaining a nice root is your goals. Propagate can only be done when all of its roots are intact. After soaking the roots, the exposed roots you can see clearly that there are multiple clumps and likely some offsets or baby roots as well. After being soaked in water, you can gently separate them. If they are too tangled, a disinfected knife or scissors can be used to untangle them.

3. Cultivate

After you divide the clumping plants, you can separate them by its little root system. This means the root can easily be grown by either water or soil. You can see the growth of a new Alocasia very soon. You can choose water or soil to grow them. Here is what you need to do according to the cultivation media. 

Water Propagation

This type of propagation is used when your plant doesn’t have its own roots yet. You can place the separated clumps in water. It thrives in water with the right care. When the root is ready, then move them to a vase with water and chlorine. Place the vase in a direct light and the root should grow well. You will need to change the water from time to time especially if the surface becomes unclear. 

Soil Propagation 

If the clamped plant has roots on them, then you can continue to offset in soil by simply cleaning its roots and placing it in a container. You need to make sure that the new plant is placed in the center. Filled up the pot with soil and a bit of fertilizer. You can give it a mist of water to make it grow easily. 

That is all you need to do on duplicating your Alocasia Plant. That is the basic guide on how to propagate Alocasia plants by yourself. Soon enough you will have multiplied Alocasia growing nicely at home. If you want to have this type of plant, please visit

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