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How to Hoya Linearis Care at Home 

Hoya linearis care can make your plant thrive even indoors. The native Himalayas plant can grow to 2 meter in height. It grows well outdoors due to its natural habitats. However, it doesn’t take too much effort to care for them at home. 

Hoya Linearis care for Indoor Setting

This tropical plant can handle more heat than other plants. They live in high ground where the weather tends to be cool. So, if you want to care for them at home, the temperature is already perfect for them. Here are some points that you need to pay attention to if you want to Hoya Linearis Care Indoor. 

  • Light: the leaves can burn in direct light, so make sure it receives enough light but filtered indirectly. 
  • Water: The evergreen plant needs moderate water to help the soil to be damp enough. Avoid a complete dry out between watering. During winter, you only need to water lightly to prevent overwatering.
  • Humidity: moderate to high humidity is most prefered with this type of Hoya.
  • Temperature: Most suitable temperatures is between 15°C-29°C. Plants that are placed by the window need close attention. Make sure to move them when the weather turn cold or windy that drop below 10°C. Naturally it grows in high mountains so it can tolerate cool temperatures just to make sure it is not too cold.
  • Soil: you need to thep the soil more on the dry side. So, don’t water it too often.
  • Fertilizer: Spring and Summer is the best time to fertilize your Hoya Linearis. It is the best time for them to grow because during other seasons they tend to grow slower. 
  • Repotting: Hoyas may need to report about once a year. It is best to report in early Spring when it is mostly actively blooming. 
  • Pruning: A trip once ahile can tidy your plant if it gets too long. You can use a sterile blade to cut the dead and dried leaves or stems. Use gloves in the process. 
  • Propagation: trim several centimeters underneath a node and try to avoid white latex sap that may leak. The sap can cause skin irritants when they come in contact.

There are many types of Hoya that you can place on a hanging basket. It has an elongated steam that looks great using this type of pot. The Hoya linearis is quite a bit different. The abundance of skinny green stands out from other Hoya that usually have larger leaves and flowers. 

How to Grow Hoya Linearis

This houseplant is soft, skinny, and slightly hairy. They produce white, star-shaped flowers with a hint of  lemon scent. It will take some time before it flowers. It has an easy growing habit with the right environment. Here is what you need to do to grow this plant at home. 

1. Prepare the soil

You need a mixture of free-draining soil with a mixture of organic potting mix. You can make your own soil mixture with 1:1:1 ratio of orchid bark, cacti soil, and perlite. Another option is 2 parts of  soilless mix and 1 part fine-grain bark mix and fine grains.

2. Water

Before putting the plant, first, make sure the soil has a hint of water. You want to avoid making the root soggy. A mist of water is best. Then add your new plant to the pot. 

3. Resting

You want to keep the new plant resting before doing anything. The new placement will need some time to get used to.

4. Mature

The delicate plant will mature in 3 to 5 years. The leaves will grow to 2 inches with deep grooves on the underside. They will likely hang in high places or even on a tree. 

5. Flower

After the plant matures, it will begin to show some flowers. The plant will have about 10 to 13 white flowers with a hint of pink and yellow coronas that are small and only about 0.5 inches. You can get your Hoya Linearis from The epiphyte plant looks amazing in high places. You will get your Hoya Linearis in good condition with a picture before sending the product. That way, you can have more ideas of what the plant looks like before receiving it. As for how to care for them since baby, you can use the steps and tips above.

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