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How to Grow and Care for Monstera

Grow and Care for Monstera

Wondering about how to grow and care for Monstera? Often we think plants such as Mother-in-Law’s Tongue and Spikenard are difficult to tend. The not–so–appealing name is synonymous with difficulty. So, when someone gives you a Monstera, or you purchase it yourself, know these things to make sure it grows at home.

Easy Way on How to Grow and Care for Monstera

Monstera Deliciosa aka the “Swiss Cheese Plant” follows the popular houseplants with gigantic leaves and odd names. The monstrous performance surge is a very eye-catching plant, should you decide to have this plant at home. Here are some easy ways to make sure you know the right way how to grow and care for Monstera for your eyes to enjoy.

1. Spaces to grow

Monstera gets its name from its gigantic size which can reach up to two feet tall. That is why the tropical plants that come from the Araceae family need lots of space. As decoration, you can put it at the end of the hall as a statement-making spot. A tight corner, on shelves or a windowsill, only makes the plant unable to blossom to all of its potentials. 

This is not a common houseplant that you can keep small on the corner. It will grow to the side if you don’t tend it daily. So, from the very beginning, make sure you have enough space to have a Monstera inside the house. Placing it outdoor or on the terrace can be another option.

2. A Climbers 

Monstera grows in the rainforest and often leans on other trees as a support to climb. How to grow and care for Monstera is highly dependent on the starting point when you place it. You may choose a spacious area with an additional trellis or pole nearby. The sooner you train the odd-looking plant, the sooner it grows and becomes the centerpiece of your home.

Monstera comes from a Latin word that means “abnormal”. That is why it is surprising to a beginner gardener or homeowner to see this large plant climb trellis just like other climbers that usually have smaller leaves. The enormous lever that climbs through barks or poles is only suitable for a large house with lots of areas to roam and grow. 

3. It is Not Edible 

You would think that a name such as Monstera Deliciosa, refers to edible plants, think again. It is not. Even its most popular variety, the Mexican Breadfruit has corn cob-shaped fruit, which is far from delicious and even poisonous. So, the most important thing to remember is that, despite the name, you can eat this plant. It exists only for decoration. Well, maybe also to absorb dust and noise at home. Nothing more. 

4. Low – Maintenance

A Monstera can grow tall with the proper maintenance and a base to lean to. However, If you can’t commit to such devotion, you can just leave it in a small place, and it will grow according to its space. For minimum maintenance, a trim once in a while is all that it took. 

You can put a small Monstera in a vase and make sure it is well humid with adequate light. Then your Monstera will grow, just enough to fill its container. So, the amount of maintenance is clearly up to the homeowner. It has the potential to grow larger if you commit to it. 

5. Moderate Lights

Large leaves need moderate sunlight and a perfect balance between sunlight and shade. Anything too much, can’t be good. If you leave it too long under the sun, the leaves will turn yellow. If it’s been kept too long in the dark, it will begin to show negative phototropism, where the leaves will turn darker. 

A healthy Monstera has light greenish leaves with many holes that follow the shape of its leaves. In the natural environment, the Monstera will climb and grow toward the source of light. This may be difficult to achieve inside of your house. So, make sure the position of the sun hits the plant according to its moderate needs. The bottom line is, to keep it near the sun but avoid direct contact. 

That is some of the most effective ways how to grow and care for Monstera. You need to make sure to establish early on if you can cater to its need to climb and grow larger or taller. If not, consider putting it in a vase and limiting its moving area. Whatever decision that you choose. You can care for a Monstera according to your preferences.

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