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How to Grow Aglaonema Commutatum Indoor 

Grow Aglaonema Commutatum

Aglaonema Commutatum is also known as the Chinese Evergreen. The tropical perennial makes excellent houseplants. It is one of the most popular plants that look great outdoors and indoors. If you are interested in having them indoors, there are some things that you need to know. 


This Araceae plant has large and narrow leaves with glossy surfaces. The mature plant grows flowers that bloom in summer or spring. The lovely perennial comes in several color variations. From dark to light features. Your Aglaonema Commutation can match your home ambiance. 

There are dark green and silver Aglaonema Commutatum to reddish and even pinkish ones. The combination of green and silver or with other colors makes them a sweet addition to your table or the corner of the house. 

The slow-growing herbaceous is a great indoor foliage plant that stays green all year-round. In adult size, Aglaonema Commutation grows up to three feet tall and 3 feet wide. You only need to take good care of it and it will bloom nicely. 

How to Care

Your Aglaonema Plant is an easy-to-care-plant. It is nearly hands-free care and simple to nurture. You only have to remember one rule: When the leaves show a lighter color, they need more sunlight. Based on that understanding, you can work your way around its maintenance. You will have a long-lasting, and stable houseplant that grows so slowly that you barely need to watch them at all. 

1. Sun Exposure 

Your Aglaonema Commutation needs partial lighting with some shade. If you put them indoors they thrive well. They don’t even have to be placed near the window. 

2. Soil Type 

This indoor plant needs a well-drained pot to grow. The tropical plant only needs occasional misting to keep the soil damp enough. Avoid drenching the soil and try to keep it to the dry side. 

3. Placement

Indoor Aglaonema Commutation has several ways of placement according to its features. Darker green varieties thrive in shade. Lighter variegated needles need a bit more bright light. So, where you have them depends on their color too. 

4. Water

Your Aglaonema Commutation loves moist soil with a good balance of acidity. You need to water your plant thoroughly, then let it dry before watering it again. This watering process is suitable all year long. However, once in a while it is advisable to check the soil and avoid it being too dry. 

5. Temperature and Humidity

This evergreen may thrive all year long, you need to be careful during winter, and keep them far from the windows. The greenhouse plant enjoys a warm, humid, and bright environment like a greenhouse. That is why indoor settings are quite close compared to outdoor. 

You can gain more humidity by misting the plant frequently. You can even place the plant in a humidity-prone area in the home. A kitchen or bathroom is an ideal example. 

6. Caution Tips 

  • Poisonous to Pets: This plant is also known as the Poison Dart Plant. It is dangerous to pets like dogs and cats. So, make sure to keep them away from this plant. 
  • Common Pests and Plant Diseases like mealybugs, or spider mites can be treated with neem oil and an insecticide.
  • Avoid the plant from becoming too moist and always try to keep them dry and slightly damp. 

How to Grow 

You can propagate Aglaonema Commutatum by stem cuttings. Another option is dividing the plants when repotting. The best time to grow them is in the middle of summer when it is the warmest time. Here is what you need to do to grow the beautiful Chinese evergreen.

  • Cut the stem by disinfecting a sharp tool from the mother plant.
  • Dip the end into root hormone and place it in a glass of water with indirect sunlight.
  • Roots then will form in three to four weeks.
  • Transfer the cut part into a pot with well-drained soil carefully
  • Put the plant inside the pot. 
  • Loosen the soil and shake the dirt off.
  • Repot and keep both in divided plants and wait until they are established and less stressed.

That is a brief explanation of how to grow and care about Aglaonema Commutatum. Always remember that tropical plants thrive in a well-drained environment. You can purchase your very own Aglaonema Commutatum from Indonesian-based plant shop has many decorative plants including Aglaonema Commutatum. Check out the site to get the best deal and purchase plants of your choice. 

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