1. Where were the plants sent from?

Kuningan, West Java, Indonesia.

2. How long will the package be sent after payment?

According to Indonesia’s regulations, there will be some steps and requirements that we must fulfill.
The first step. Export Permit Submission for the Phytosanitary Certificate preparations.
Second step. Lab checks for the plant’s conditions and health
Third step. Produce Phytosanitary Certificate and rechecks by the Ministry of Agriculture.
Fourth step. Delivery to the shipping expedition
The submission process will take 1 – 2 weeks, and the shipping process will take 4 – 7 work days.

3. What if the plant dies when it arrives?

You will be given 2 options for the damaged plants.
– Partial Refund, up to 50% from the initial price
– Resend, we will resend the damaged plants to you with the shipping fee paid by you

4. What about checking and import duty fee on destination country?

Inspection fees and import duties are entirely the responsibility of the customer because they are beyond our control and not our policy. We don’t take any advantage of it.

5. Which delivery service do you use?

– We currently use two services, DHL and UPS.
– For the fastest delivery we use Airplane Cargo, and of course there are additional costs to be paid by the buyer.

For UPS, we only use it based on customer’s request and Canada shipments (there will be an extra $10 for UPS)

6. Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do, the countries are listed on the shipping regulations. For the countries that are not listed are of course welcome to ask and request the shipping, as long as the customers are aware about the regulations and the requirements around the area.

7. Do I need an import permit?

It is not always required but it is better to always prepare for one before importing. Some countries actually require import permit to ship.

For USA, import permit is needed for order more than 12 pieces.
For Philippine, Malaysia, import permit is needed.
For Singapore, import permit is needed for order more than 3 pieces.
For Canada, import permit is a must for any number of plants in one order.
For England, Peach number is needed for importing.

8. Where can I get my tracking number?

For tracking number, We will inform and provide PDF Document File (Including Tracking Number, Invoice, Phytosanitary Certificate) to you by email after you complete the order, and we will notify you of the package departure.