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Epipremnum Hanoman Sp Bali : The Definitive Guide

Epipremnum Hanoman Sp Bali care

Epipremnum Hanoman sp Bali grew the love from the public. The Epipremnum variety grew only in Bali. However, it is not your common tropical foliage, The Epipremnum Hanuman Sp Bali has a unique color and leaf. There are many special things about this indoor plant. 

The Feature and Characteristic

Here are some of the authentic features of the amazing indoor plant, including. 

  • As a baby, the Epipremnum Hanoman has an unusual feature of three to four leaves with heart-shaped leaves. People usually buy them online in this format. When mature, It has a similar leaf shape to the Monstera, the leaves are deeply incised. The Monstera have wide and huge leaves while the Epipremnum Hanoma Sp Bali has elongated leaves that thrive with a splash of white randomly. 
  • The beautiful plant from the Araceae family has large aerial roots that tend to grow straight. It can grow in water bottles due to its aerial roots. That is why it is also known by the name Betel Ivory. 
  • As a climber, the house plant can develop into a 12 meter in height plant with the right support like a pole and such. 
  • As a vine, Epipremnum Hanoman sp Bali has white leaves with green streaks on the surface. The white color ambiance is from a natural mutation. It is not a common thing, which makes this plant rare unless you go to its place of origin, Bali. 
  • As a young leaf it doesn’t have a unique incision, so people overlook them sometimes. 

How to Care 

Epipremnum is an easy grower variety and also practical to maintain. The Epipremnum Hanoman Sp Bali is no different. All you need to make sure is that the plant is well monitored. Because they grow easily, you will need to repot them more often. 

  • Put your Epipremnun Hanoman under a shade for outdoor placement. For indoor, you can make sure the pot has enough sunlight but not a direct one. Put them on the terrace or inside in the living room, but away from the window or skylight.  
  • Spray your plant, not in front of its leaves surface, spray underneath where the stomata lie. That way, you have a better watering process when doing it this way.
  • You need to make sure the soil is not too wet and make the roots rotten and not too dry. That is why it is important to stick a finger on the soil about 3 inches down and feel if the soil needs deeper watering or not.  

How to Repot

Epip Hanoman Sp Bali is a slow grower, when it grows into three leaves, you can transfer them into a bigger pot. Here is what you need to do to repot them. 

  1. Take a pot and make holes not just underneath but also around the walls. The airy holes enable wind and water to ensure the soil has enough moisturizer. 
  2. Put the pole as a support for the green plant and add the soil mixture. It can be a combination of roasted husk with high B1 vitamin, bamboo leaves which are high in nitrogen, and fermented raw husk to help the watering process. Add soil and sand and mix it all. 
  3.  Add the soil mixture to about half of the pot. 
  4. Take out the Epipremnum Hanoman SP Bali carefully and put them into the new pot. Add more soil. 
  5. Put the plant attached to the pole. Then your Epipremnun Hanoman can grow high. 

The Staggering Price

The Epipremnum Hanoman Sp Bali is one of the most valuable and expensive Epipremium on the market. Its presence in your home, not only elevates the sight but also the pride for having such pricey ornament at home. 

The new species was discovered in 2020 by a young Balinese and has gained popularity ever since. With a price ranging from 900 dollars and above, it doesn’t stop people from trying their hand at this magnificent variant of Epipremnum.  Plant collector is the number one fan of the Epipremnum Hanoman Sp Bali. They will gladly open their wallet to the beautiful indoor plant. If you are interested in owning this Epipremnum variant at home, go to and order one from the site. You may have a small Epipremnum Hanoman Sp Bali with green leaves with no white combination. Do not worry, it will show when it gets older.

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