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Best Top Syngonium Varieties for Your Home 

Syngonium Varieties

A new house can always use a good luck charm. The Syngonium podophyllum is also known as Lucky plant or Good luck plant which goes perfect to any home. There are many varieties to choose from. You have various Arrowhead vine colors that will make any home pop. 

Top Syngonium Varieties Recommendation  

This tropical plant is also called Nephthytis podophyllum or just Nephthytis for short. It has attractive, heart-shaped leaves, a typical feature from tropical plants. From greenish to white and even pink ambience, here are some of the most popular Nephthytis for home use.  

1. Pink Allusion

If you are looking for something different aside from other evergreen plants, this is the best variety to choose from. The amazing combination of pink and green colors thrive in direct sunlight. So, it is perfect in both indoor or outdoor settings. The dark green foliage makes this variety stand out elegantly. 

2. White Butterfly

This is among the very best top syngonium varieties due to its catchy blend of green and white shades of leaves. It will be a contrast with the other varieties or any other plant. It has a butterfly-like resemblance with its green border. This variety can grow very well, use trelies or rope and train it to climb vertically.

3. Mini Pixie

Have a small home? The mini pixie is a great option. According to its name, the tiny Syngonium offers an appealing green leaf in the form of a heart with a silver variegation. It is clump-forming nature that looks amazing as a table top decoration. 

4. Exotic Allusion

Like its sister the pink allusion, this syngonium variety thrives in bright sunlight. However, due to its light green leaves with creamy white shade, a filtered light or a shade works best. The houseplant looks more compelling with its dark green corners. Most people will have both of the varieties and combine it side by side at home to create a colorful setting. 

5. Bold Allusion

Another allusion varieties with an interesting blend of color. It has pale green leaves with striking pink veins. It has the shape of any heart-shaped allusion but the pale color makes it an amazing table plant. This plant is easy to care for and doesn’t need much tending.

6. Cream Allusion

Allusion varieties range from pale to greenish leaves. The cream-green foliage is highlighted with pink veins. It is a compact plant variety with medium-sized foliage. Therefore, it makes a great table plant just like the other allusion varieties. You only need to think about which color works best.

7. Variegatum

The rather large green foliage can grow really bushy. Therefore, you need a large area to allow this tropical plant to grow. The greenish leaves with long random white splashes thrive in minimum sunlight. This versatile plant has a heart shaped leaf as a baby. It turns into an arrowhead shape as it matures.

8. Green Gold

This variety is by far the most common syngonium of all. You can find this variety in almost every plantstore. It is easy to care for and it has a small feature which is ideal to put in a pot, container or hanging basket. The green leaves mix with golden-yellow margins and veins are a trailing plant. It is particularly suitable as a hanging plant.

9. Five Fingers

Most plant’s name come from its feature. As suggests, this plant has 2, 4, 5, to 6 lobes. The heart-shaped leaves have unusual white patches that look contrast to its green edges. The long leaves makes this houseplant a great additional to your home. It works better as a centerpiece which doest grow too big or too high. 

10. Pink Splash

This is another variety that thrives with indoor conditions. The pinkish splash combined with pale green leaves mottled make this plant stand out in your home. Particularly since the splash doesn’t have a particular pattern. So, it is a nice irregular pattern aside from other evergreen with consistent patterns.

There are a lot more top syngonium varieties out there. Some are more rare than others. We collect some of the most popular varieties that are high in demand. It can be because of its unique features, easy maintenance and other reasons. 

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