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Anthurium Veitchii Care Guide

Anthurium Veitchii Care Guide

The “King Anthurium ” is stunning and stands out from the other Anthurium. The huge green plant can easily reach the length of a full-grown adult. With the right treatment, The Anthurium Veitchii can grow and thrive in any home. 

Anthurium Veitchii Features

The ornamental plant is popular due to its gigantic size. If you compare it with other large greeneries, Veitchii develops its charm and mesmerizes people with its large leaves. The green wide leaves are the signature form of the Anthurium variant. 

Yet, The Veitchii exceed the rest and have longer leaves with wider features. Tropical plants can be an ideal shade in your house. As a small plant, The Veitchii has similar features to other Anthuriums, as it matures the leaves become longer and wider. 

In time, Anthurium Veitchii stood out and featured differently from other Anthurium families. The main characteristics of this plant are the metallic luster, darker shade of green, and elongated eaves. The leaf itself can reach up to 2 meters tall and more. 

The Ultimate Anthurium Veitchii Care Guide 

The biggest epiphytic Anthuriums can grow on the ground or even on a tree. The species got its name as a homage to famous Scottish horticulturist John Veitch. He was the person that introduced numerous exotic species to Europe. Here are other important guides about this huge plant that you need to know.  

How to Grow

Colombia-based Anthurium has a stunning feature and surprisingly easy maintenance. Anyone can grow this largest Anthurium in their home. All you need to do is make sure the house plant has enough care.

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1. Media to Grow

The elongated leaf of Veitchii can grow tall. Therefore, you need to pay attention to where you would like to have this magnificent plant. 

  • Plant them on the ground, you give them a lot of soil to grow. However, if it is too close to the ground, the plant may not grow to its full potential. 
  • It can also grow on tree branches. Therefore, you can either choose a pot or let it set its root on the ground or even on a tree. The choice of the tree also needs to be mindful. Bear in mind that the Veitchii can grow tall with leaves that tend to grow downward. 
  • The distance of the tree to the ground is something to consider. 
  • On the ground, the leaves can grow up to 4-6 feet long in good conditions.

2. Soil

You can plant the evergreen plant using high-nutrient soil with a combination of Malang sand, burnt husk, coconut fiber, etc. That way all the nutritious elements can flourish the plant even to its furthest leaves. 

3. Temperature

Ideally, you need to keep this plant between 14 – 27 C in temperature. Because the tropical plant is used to stable humidity, you need to imitate a tropical ambiance at home. The plant can have direct sunlight and is preferable to be kept in a shaded area.

4. Watering

Seasons play an important part in the watering rules. In the rainy season, you can water it every once a week. For the dry season, you need to water it more often, maybe once every 3 days. An occasional misting is all the water that the plant needs. Due to its gigantic size, you may want to mist it on the leaves to ensure the leaf will maintain its color and not turn yellow. 

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5. Lighting Requirement

Anthurium Veitchii needs to avoid direct sunlight. The leaves can burn. Intense light is not ideal for the plant. Place it indoors and it can thrive in large pots. For outdoor placing, the area can be problematic due to its aggressive size, you need to ensure that it has some shades. 

6. Trimming & Moving

You need to prune dry leaves right away to avoid disease. Yellow leaves can easily spread to other leaves. That way, immediate trimming needs to be done. The fast-growing Anthurium also can’t be moved without preparing the area for its setting. Pay attention somewhere that is not hot or cold. 
All of those features make this Anthurium species entitled to the name the King of Anthurium. It has all the beauty, charm, and size to make it a much-loved tropical ornamental plant. The way to care is quite easy, especially after reading the guidelines above. Get your Anthurium Veitchii from and grow them in your house. Using the advice above, your Anthurium Veitchii will strive to its potential.

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