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Top Anthurium Dressleri Care Guidelines

Anthurium Dressleri

Anthurium Dressleri Care is important if you are interested in growing this challenging plant. It has several points to consider before having this Anthurium variety at your home. Its finicky reputation shouldn’t scare you off. Pay attention to the key point guidelines and your Anthurium Dressleri can grow nicely. 

Important Key Factor of Anthurium Dressleri Care

Your Dressleri may not be as popular as the other Anthurium. However, its greenish leaves with the famous heart-shaped feature are the perfect addition to your home. Its ability to purify the air is another significant feature that makes it adorned by homeowners. Here are some of the most crucial factors of Anthurium Dressleri Care that you need to know, should you be interested in it.  

1. Humidity 

Most anthuriums indeed require higher humidity than other greenhouse plants. They thrive in 40 to 60 humidity, where it is not too cold nor too hot. Anthurium Dressleri doesn’t require additional humidity. This greenhouse plant can absorb most of the water through its unique root system. Therefore, water the soil to ensure its humidity.

You can cover the Dressleri base with damp moss. It can add humidity and also help it grow larger leaves. On a side note, make sure that your Dressleri is not too overflowing with water, it can cause rotten roots due to excessive water. 

2. Air Circulation 

This is another factor that gardeners need to pay close attention to. Dressleri needs high air circulation to grow. Not enough circulation can cause water to condense and can rot the roots and leaves. You need to combine the right humidity and airflow to create the perfect environment for this houseplant to grow. 

Congratulations if you manage to keep the humidity up to par. However, without the support of good airflow. The restless green plant can easily died-out. Therefore, put it in a dry place with an airy ambiance for excellent air circulation. 

3. Follow The Sun 

Anthurium is best grown in medium light. The heart-shaped green plant enjoys moderate sunlight. Like other Anthurium, heat can bleach or burn the leaves. Unlike Clarinervium or Veitchii, Dressleri has thin leaves that can burn easily. 

The velvet leaves are most contemptuous under the shades of tall trees and other plants. It may face difficulty thriving in a new environment. It is likely to drop leaves, without sufficient light or even too much of it. You can place it less than 3 feet from a window that is facing south for immersive lighting. 

4. Soil

Anthurium Dressleri thrives in well-draining soil, particularly if you have them in pots. You are looking for organic matter in your soil mixture. Something like coco coir, perlite, and vermiculite can support fluent drainage. You can have healthier soil if you repot the Dressleri yearly. It carries more nutrients that way. 

5. How to Fertilizer

Your Dressleri doesn’t need fertilizer. You need to report it immediately after it doubles in size. In general, fresh potting soil can replace your fertilizer. It contains all the nutrients your Dressleri needs. So, make sure it has enough light and fresh soil, at least once a year should be enough. 

6. Repotting 

The challenging plant can be reported after experiencing full growth. It doesn’t grow as fast as other Anthurium so you can take your time nurturing the house plant. Particularly if you keep it indoors, it tends to grow slower. On average, you will need to report once every year. 

You can take the adult Dressleri and put it in another pot. Put in adequate soil to assist new growth. Most potting soils come with ample nutrients. Therefore, you can be reassured that the reporting process is quite easy. Maintaining the young Dressleri to grow healthy is another matter. Therefore, you need to pay attention to all of its maintenance aspects to ensure its healthy growth. 

7. How to Water

The rainforest plant that can be spotted in Brazil, Panama and Indonesia is a costume to humid weather. It needs to be drenched with water that you give often. You are looking for slightly damp soil and not a soggy wet one. The key is to add the frequency twice a day, in the morning and afternoon. 

Anthurium dressleri needs a strictly scheduled watering session. However, it can be very tricky to consider the amount of water that it needs. Your best option is to monitor it daily and see how the weathering process affects the plant. A day-to-day observation can help gardeners to ensure that the Dressleri is well watered.

You need to pay attention to the Anthurium Dressleri Care Guide above. It may not be easy to nurture. However, if you follow the steps above, you can have a healthy and thriving Anthurium Dressleri to enjoy in your house. Visit to purchase your very own Dressleri. The velvety plant will be delivered in a safe package right to your home.

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