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The Ultimate Anthurium Crystallinum Care: All You Need to Know

Anthurium Crystallinum Care

Anthurium crystallinum is a tropical plant with beautiful leaves. It is a popular plant with large, velvety, heart-shaped leaves and ability to absorb nutrients from rain, air and debris. If you want to know the ultimate Anthurium Crystallinum care, then read this article to make sure your so-called-air-plant is well taken care of. 

Simple Guide to Anthurium Crystallinum Care

The Crystallinum species stand out with white veins that pop out on dark foliage. The popular indoor plant doesn’t need too much tending. All you need to do is the basic proper care, so the plant can grow beautifully. Here are some things that you can do to help the Anthurium Crystallinum grow. 

1. Temperature

Anthurium crystallinum needs to be kept in humid environments. It can survive in 65° to 80° degrees temperature. This means, when the season changes, you need to make several adjustments. When it gets cold, put it on the patio, when it is hot, keep it in the greenhouse. 

In places where temperatures are moderate all year round, you can put this plant indoors. You just need to make sure that it is well-ventilated and not placed with direct sunlight. This way, plants can grow beautifully, no matter what the temperature. 

2. Watering 

The Anthurium crystallinum care is really simple. It thrives best in average humidity. The tropical plant grows best in a natural environment that is always moist. You need to water the top layer of the soil regularly and more routinely in summer. 

In humid areas, Anthurium crystallinum can go on without any water for weeks. During winter, you can water the plants every two weeks to keep it nice and moist in the right temperature. Keeping the humidity in the ideal manner is crucial to let the plant grow naturally. Some people even put this plant in the bathroom for a stable humid condition.

3. Maintenance

Thankfully this indoor plant doesn’t need difficult maintenance. Sure, you need to move it around a bit and water it from time to time. You also need to remove dead and discolored leaves, this way, your Anthurium crystallinum will blossom with large leaves and white veins. 

4. Nutrient from Fertilizer

For better growth, you can use additional well-balanced organic fertilizers. You can use fertilizer from animals such as chicken, goats and others. Plant based fertilizer can also provide the adequate nutrient that can keep the gorgeous plant well-maintained.

Chemical fertilizers can have a bad effect on a plant’s roots and hinder its growth. Natural fertilizer not only has more vitamins such as magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus and many others. Therefore, you will have an excellent result when the antidote is used. 

5. Light Requirements

Anthurium Crystallinum requires adequate light to survive. You need to put this plants away from direct sunlight. This plant will  grow nicely in the shade of larger trees. So, you can keep it somewhere that has enough sunlight but not too direct.

If you have time to pay attention to your Anthurium Crystallinum, you can put it outside early in the morning when the sun is not too bright. You can move it indoors in the afternoon after the sun is setting. Anthurium Crystallinum needs around 15 to 16 hours daily to bloom healthily. If not, the plant will grow much slower. 

6. Soil Requirements

Not just light and water, Anthurium Crystallinum need particular soil to grows. You need to pay attention to its natural habitat to be able to mimic the soil requirement to have this indoor plant in your house. Luckly, This plant can grow on treetops or even without soil present. Anthurium drives in well-drained soil to keep it nice and moist, especially if it is in a warm place.

You can maintain a healthy Anthurium with soil mix with compost and anything organic. Even food scraps and left order and anything resembling garden waste can give adequate nutrients to the plant. Keep in mind that you need to make sure the soil allows your plant to breathe regularly. 

7. Propagation

You can do propagation of Anthurium Crystallinum by doing root separation. Only if this step is strong enough. The propagation process begins when you see roots appear. Separate them right away. Then, you will have a successful propagation after the process is complete. 

You can propagate Anthurium by cutting the stem. However, this method doesn’t guarantee a total success on every try. The condition of the stem before cutting is essential to ensure a perfect propagation. That is a complete Anthurium Crystallinum care that you can do at home by yourself.

The green indoor plant is a great addition as a home decoration as well as a healthy breathing item. You can grow this plant and multiply them according to the proper maintenance as mentioned above. Visit to read various ways to keep your plant alive. Moreover, you can decorate and also buy your greeneries there.

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