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Alocasia Watering and Other Helpful Tips

Alocasia Watering

House plants are mostly greens and the Alocasias has stunning evergreen leaves with white marks on its edges. It is a nice large leaves plant that can make your house fresh and also absorb smell and soft dust at the same time. It is one of the reasons why people have houseplant to begin with, and Alocasia is very good at keeping our indoor clean. 

Alocasia has special needs that gardeners and homeowners need to pay attention to. They can make your house green and at the same time, to reach that level of healthy green, there are things to understand. If you do this right, your Alocasia can grow nicely and be an amazing addition to your indoor decoration. 

Understanding The Rules on Alocasia Watering

How hard can watering be right? Alocasia is a bit tricky when it comes to humidity and achieving the right most on its soil. If you overwater it a bit, it can show signs of discoloration immediately. So, here is what you need to do to keep them healthy in their environment. First, you need to know that there are many types of Alocasia. We are concentrating on the little Alocasia that we often put indoors. 

  • Gardeners can adapt humidifiers to satisfy these green houseplants to maintain their humidity. 
  • You can put your Alocasia indoors in the green house and maintain their green feature there.
  • Alocasias are susceptible to having a rotten root when they are overwatering, so use a sprayer to make sure the plant has a mist of water and not vapor of water that tends to be overwatering. 
  • You water the plant based on the size of the container. You wait until the top two or three inches of your plant dried before watering the plant again.
  • Alocasias shut down during the cold winter. They will grow slower and you need to reduce the watering even more. 
  • When the Alocasia shows new leaves growing, it needs more water. So, make sure to add your dose a bit more during this important period of their life. 

General Information About Alocasia Watering 

As you can tell, Alocasia has different needs compared to other tropical plants. Here are some important reminder to make sure, you always remember what things that you need to pay attention off when it comes to this pretty Alocasia

  • They are a jungle-bred cohort, however, they prefer soils that are much more to the dry side.
  • The Alocasias need shade. So they are perfect to be kept indoors with indirect light. 
  • They are more similar to a succulent which need little water but to be kept not in a humid area but rather a dry atmosphere. 
  • Make sure to maintain a dry soil to make sure there are no apparent moisture problems. 
  • Water the plant routinely but avoid using a schedule. You need to monitor the pot regularly. You act as you go along with whatever the plant gives its signs. 
  • Use a soil mix that keeps the roots highly oxygenated.

What Needs to Avoid 

Alocasia watering is probably the most important rule of how to keep this green tropical plant happy and thrive. There are some things that you simply need to avoid at all cost in order to ensure the plant can grow nicely. 

  • Avoid watering the Alocasia too frequently. It can kill the plant even though not instantly.
  • Pay attention to the soil and avoid leaving the soil overly moist. 
  • Never overwatering your Alocasia, if it has too much water, pour them out. 
  • Don’t let your Alocasia waterlogged soil. If the soil is too ​​damp, try to make the plant get enough warmth and become dry immediately. 

Alocasia Soil Guidance

Soil is as important as watering this tropical house plant. You can tell how much water the plant needs by checking on its soil regularly. Here is the guidelines for Alocasia soil:

  • You need a soil that can drain quickly. 
  • You need a soil with enough consistency that is not too dry and not too wet. 
  • A good soil contains 50% of an aerating aspects such as coco coir, perlite, and coarse sand.
  • Other 50 % is organic matter such as compost, peat, or humus-based potting soil.
  • You need to pay attention to the soil and check it regularly. 

Alocasia’s watering can be challenging for someone who is new in gardening. However, when you pay attention to the guidance above, the plant simply needs a situation that is not too damp and not too dry. Alocasia will look stunning with a daily monitor. This plant needs your attention so much that you simply need to see it on a daily basis. Find your Alocasia varieties and uter house plant in There are many kinds of greenery there to beautify your home. From small alocasia to Alocasia Portora that has the size of a grown adult. You will have many options to choose from.

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