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Alocasia Portora: Ultimate Guide 

Alocasia Portora

Alocasia Portora is the only Alocasia that differs with its huge leaves that can set up to be as tall as a grown adult. We need one article alone to discuss this gigantic homeplant. If you are planning to grow, this plant can cleanse the air, look pleasant to the sight with the proper care. 

Characteristic: Features, Shapes and Colors

Alocasia Portora has a similar feature with other Araceae families such as Anthurium, Aglaonema, and Caladium. It has large leaves shaped like a heart. Alocasia Portora surpasses all the other Araceae with amazingly gigantic and wide leaves. It is even better known as The Elephant Ear to describe the shape of its unique leaves. 

The tender perennial in good condition can grow up around 180 to 240 cm. You can plant them in pots and it still exceeds its container. If you plant them in the garden, they will grow abundantly. The leaves are sagittate with long petioles. As a member of the taro family, it has tuber that you consume when it is ripe. Unripe tubers can cause numbness and swelling to the tongue. 

The large plant is mesmerizing with a sleek green color with flowers at the ends of short stalks. However, it is very conspicuous, hidden behind enormous leaf stalks. The bright green foliage grows upward seeking sunlight. 

Planting Alocasia Portora 

The enormous Alocasia can be growns using generative or vegetative methods. It has a similar method of planting like the Caladium. Some planting method include :

  • Generative method. You can pick the flowers with seeds on them. It has a reddish seed that you can discard the flesh. Fatherward, sow the seeds on a planting medium then move it to a larger pot after the roots grow.
  • Vegetative propagation. Take healthy tubers. Prepare the planting media of husk charcoal, bamboo leaf humus, and manure in a ratio of 2:1:1. Put it in the pot about 3/4. Then, plant the Alocasia bulbs in the center of the pot. Lastly, water it to meet its needs.

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How to Care

The Green Sente Plant can grow quickly. However, like other Alocasia, it is sensitive in terms of caring and tending. It can grow in abundat if you do it right. Yet, one wrong move, that it can turn colors and shows signs of discomfort. 

1. Watering

Alocasia Portora, like other Alocasias, desperately needed attention. You can only grow them by paying attention to the watering part. The soil needs to be slightly damp but learn toward a dry side. You need a dry planting medium to ensure the Alocasia Portora has enough water but not too much. 

Your Alocasia loves a humid environment, so you can mist them often. You can do this regularly to maintain the right amount of water on the pot. For additional treatment, especially for indoor plants, you can place a humidifier nearby. It is great to keep the air indoor for the people who live inside and also the plants indoor. You need to keep the Alocasia between 65–85°F in temperature.

2. Moisturizing

The water loving plant needs to be measured all year long and at the same time, it needs a soil that can dry out quickly. You can put the Elephant Ear Plant in the garden, receive water from rain and occasional watering when the rain is not around. The best way to check the plant moisture is by inserting a finger into the soil. It is the only way to check the soil and its need to have the right moisture. 

2. Lighting

The deeply ribbed leaves of Alocasia enjoy lots of brightness. However, you need to keep them in shades. Indirect light is better, although if you place them outdoors, there are times when the direct sun hits them. Your Alocasia will grow much faster if you maintain enough light but not too overpowering. 

Alocasia Portora has a lower light tolerance and can change color. The best location to put them indoors is by the window. It has massive light in a certain time and gradually comes into shades. The Sente green plants can grow to their full potential in partial shade conditions. 

3. Fertilization

The glossy green Alocasia can grow well without fertilizer. However, if you are slacking on their watering and are concerned that they don’t get enough nutrients, a fertilizer can be added to the treatment. Liquid fertilizer is advisable for every two weeks. Your Alocasia Portora will grow fine reaching to the sky with the right care. This means keeping the soil damp with occasional mist. You can try to imitate the natural environment by keeping things nice and moist. Then, the Elephant Ear plant will give you evergreen shades that grow large and wide. Get your Gigantic Alocasia in There are many other Alocasia varieties and the kind of plants that can be a part of your home.

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