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Aglaonema Silver Bay Growing and Care

Aglaonema Silver Bay Growing and Care

You can have Aglaonema Silver Bay as a tropical addition with its green leaves with a splash of white in the middle. The broad leaves provide air freshener that makes your home more alive. The plant that has the ability to purify water is a great addition to any home.

How to Grow and Care for Aglaonema Silver Bay 

If you are interested in this plant, before you buy it, you need to know how to grow and care for this plant. The tropical plant can thrive in challenging conditions. However, if you know the best way to do it, then it is better to get some tips on how to grow this nice houseplant.

1. Watering Routine

If you see yellow leaves on this tropical plant that your Aglaonema Silver is overwatering. You need to make sure that the Asian houseplant has adequate drainage. You can use a pot with holes underneath. That way, your plant can avoid setting in excess water. 

The Aglaonema Silver Bay’s need to be kept moist at all times. Water it down with a mist of water spray to get the essential water to its leaves. Make sure this plant doesn’t dry-out by having a low and moderate water from time to time. Overwater can rot the root. So, make sure not to fill all the pots. 

2. Humidity

The Chinese Evergreens require humid soil. It can tolerate low humidity, a typical tropical feature. Grower can not let the soil dry completely. You can improve the surrounding area to create a humid environment. Putting the houseplant from direct light is one way to do it. 

3. Trimming

The slow growing plant can expand up to 90 miter. That is why it needs constant trimming. You can take out any dead leaves to ensure the plant gets all the nutrients that it needs. This way, you encourage new growth with occasional blooms. 

If you want the plant to be bigger, you can cut them off. Flowers can turn into red berries and the plant will gain energy from the rest of the plant. That is why trimming is a solution to keep the plant green and healthy.

4. Light Requirements

You can make sure the Aglaonema Silver Bay grows and cares by making sure it has enough sunlight. It thrives well in any lighting. However, if you see the leaf has light color, it needs more light. All of its varieties can grow better if it avoids direct sunlight. 

5. Temperature Requirements

The latest of hybrid Aglaonema varieties thrive in humid conditions. You need to keep the surrounding into normal room temperatures between 18 to 24°C. This temperature allows the plant to grow generously. Grower need to make sure that this place avoids sudden weather changes. 

6. Fertilizer Requirements

This robust plant can grow well without fertilizer. However, a slow release fertilizer can ensure its healthy leaves bloom according to its normal potential. The feeding requirement is giving fertilizer every once a month. You need to make sure to do it only during the growing season.

7. Grooming & Maintenance

Generally speaking, the plant doesn’t need too much attention. You pretty much act according to what happens to the plant. If you see the color change, check if the soil is dry or not. Give  more water if it dry-out. If it is overflowing with water, take out the excessive water. 

In winter, reduce the watering routine, in summer, water it more. If the tip of the leaves begin to drop, it is a sign of needing more water. Aside from that, there is not much you can do with this plant. When the temperature or weather changes, it is the best time to check out this plant. 

8. Propagate 

The Aglaonema Silver Bay can be easily propagated. Grower can divide the plant when you feel it has too much steam. You simply take stem cuts and place them in damp soil. You can add a little water to keep the new plant humid.

There you have it. Several tips on how Aglaonema Silver Bay can grow with the proper care. The best way to care for this houseplant is keep it somewhere that you can notice it. When the leaves start to turn yellow, the soil dried-out and many other conditions that need a fast response. If else, your Silver Bay can grow slowly and a great centerpiece to your table. If you want to have this plant at home. You can visit and choose some plants from a wide array of options.

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